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The Medill Imprint of the Northwestern University Press


The Medill School of Journalism Series:

Visions of the American Press


Title List (with Foreword Author Suggestions)


Prefatory note: Though each title below is grounded either thematically or in a specific historical period, the underlying purpose of each volume will be to explore how the journalistic events under discussion both reflected and shaped the social, cultural and political realities of the moment. Furthermore, authors will be explicitly invited to relate the journalistic outcomes and effects of their historical study subject to the issues and concerns of the media today.

Individuals who are representative of persons who might write a volume's foreword have been noted below; suggestions include prominent historians, practitioners and historical principals. It is important to add that many of the names below have not been confirmed.









*Journalism and the Truth:

Strange Bedfellows

(rise of facticity; competing constructions of truth; the current legal limbo)

Foreword: Howard Baker


Journalism and the Information-Entertainment Economy:

The Press in  an Age of Celebritude

 (the heroic ideal; celebrity culture; "no brow": rise of popular culture)

Foreword: John Seabrook


*Women and the Press:

The Struggle for Equality

(Seneca Falls; Progressivism, Voting rights, 1960s; Ms.)

Foreword: Gail Collins


*First Ladies and the Press:

The Unfinished Partnership of the Media Age:

 (historical precedents; Eleanor; activism vs. domesticity; Hillary)

Foreword: Caryl Rivers


Race and the Press:

America's Enduring Issue

(slavery; emancipation; Jim Crow; civil rights; integration; Black Power; new Middle Class)

Foreword: Cornel West


Terrorism and the Press:

The Elusive Enemy

(foreign policy; international; domestic; 9/11/01; USA Patriot Act)

Foreword: Newton Minow


*Public Relations and the Press:

The Troubled Embrace

(19th-century origins; economic factors; press complacency; public service argument)

Foreword: Kurt Andersen


*African American Culture and the Press:

In the Shadows, in the Light

(integration/separatism; entertainment and sports; the culture wars; the national discourse)

Foreword: Henry Louis Gates


*Economic Life and the Press:

The Business of the Nation

(mercantile origins; commercial imperatives; the New Economy; Wolfe's plutography)

Foreword: Warren Buffet


*Women of the Washington Press:

Politics, Prejudice and Persistence

 (historical antecedents; access and leverage; legal confrontations; turning points)

Foreword: Judy Woodruff


*The Journalism of Deception:

The Undercover Temptation

(investigation and exposure, legal issues, ends vs. means, ethical considerations)

Foreword: Mike Wallace


*Sports and The Press:

The Playful Mirror

(19th century origins, amateurism, TV and the rise of professionalism, ethical issues)

Foreword: Frank Deford


Impeachment and the Press:

The Partisan Predicament

(Andrew Johnson; Nixon; Clinton)

Foreword: John Dean


*Free for All:

Journalism and the World Wide Web

(information technology;  the Internet; online news services, convergence)

Foreword: Jeff Jarvis


The Transformation of Television:

Journalism and the Great Value Shift

(Local news; de-regulation; cable; shrinking audiences; new formulas)

Foreword: Roger Mudd


*The Environment and the Press:

Frm Adventure Writing to Advocacy

(19th century sports movements; early outdoor press; CCC; Rachel Carson; global concerns)

Foreword: Russell Train


*Religion and the Media:

The Sacred Encounters the Secular

 (historical antecedents; the sectarian press; televangelism; re-sacralization)

Foreword: Theodore Hesburgh


*The U.S. Supreme Court and the Press:

The Interpretive Imperative

(Constitutional issues; perception of Court's role; press management)

Foreword: Linda Greenhouse


The Ethnic Press:

Defining the American Dream

(immigrant origins; claims and conflicts; rites of association; assimilation and accommodation)

Foreword: Edward Kennedy


Community Journalism:

Local News and Social Capital

(Local empowerment; the non-commercial model)

Foreword: Loren Ghiglione


*The Conservative Resurgence and the Press:

The Media's Role in the Rise of the Right

(Neo-cons; deregulation; economic concentration; the Weekly Standard; Limbaugh)

Foreword: Ken Auletta


The Cold War and the Press:

In the Name of National Security

(WWII origins, Cuban Bay of Pigs and Missile Crisis, press management, glasnost)

Foreword: Zbigniew Brzezinski


*Watergate's Legacy and the Press:

The Investigative Impluse

(Woodward and Bernstein; the Post; Nixon; after-effects)

Foreword: Ben Bradlee



Vietnam and the Press:

The First Living-room War

(TV; Time's editorial; Cronkite mea culpa)

Foreword: Morley Safer


*The New Journalism:

The Unexpected Triumph of the Long-Form Narrative

(Wolfe; Talese; Capote; Mailer; Thompson; Esquire)

Foreword: Clay Felker, Tracy Kidder


The Alternative Press in the 1960s:

Angry Voices, Other Choices

(Leftist press; anti-war movement; Chicago '68; Ramparts)

Foreword: Victor Navasky


*Telling Stories:

A Century of Literary Journalism

(sketch artists; rise of objectivity; fictive hegemony; New Journalism; two later generations)

Foreword: Ted Conover


*Civil Rights and the Press:

Reporting on the Promised Land

(King, SCLC; integration; Little Rock; Birmingham; The Defender)

Foreword: Andrew Young


Illustration and the Press:

The Triumph of the Graphic Image

(engraved origins; rise and fall of fictional image; infographics)

Foreword: Edward Tufte


Television's Finest Hour:

Murrow, McCarthy and the First Amendment

(Cold War; HUAC hearings, blacklisting; Army-McCarthy hearings)

Foreword: Floyd Abrams


*American Photojournalism:

Moment, Motivation and Meaning

(Brady; WW I; Life and WW II; Look; Duncan)

Foreword: Richard Stolley


FDR and the Press:

The Origins of the Media Presidency

(press secretary; New Deal; Day of Infamy)

Foreword: Michael Beschloss


Radio Journalism:

The Master's Voice Comes of Age

(Marconi; Paley; fireside chats; NPR)

Foreword: Garrison Keillor


The Tabloid Press:

The Sensationalist Seduction

(True crime; spot photography; supermarket tabloids, reality TV)

Foreword: Neal Gabler


The Golden Age of Magazines

 Lippmann, Luce and the American Century

(New Republic; Time, Newsweek, Esquire)

Foreword: Ronald Steel


*The Military and the Press:

The Uneasy Truce

 (Sedition laws; censorship; OWI; Pyle; briefings; embedding)

Foreword: Roy Guttman


*The Labor Movement and the Press:

The Uncertain Encounter

(19th century origins; the Muckrakers & the Triangle Shirt Waist fire; covering the conflicts; Big Labor; the Guild; class consciousness and social mobility)

Foreword: Dennis Rivera


The Radical Press:

Resistance and Revolt

(The Masses; the Red Scare; the labor press)

Foreword: Noam Chomsky


Progressivism and the Press:

The Reformist Tradition

 (Muckrakers; Tarbell; Lewis; TNR)

Foreword: George McGovern


*Journalism and Realism:

Rendering American Life

(Crane; Richard Harding Davis; Remington)
Foreword: Gay Talese


*The Yellow Journalism:

The Press and America's Emergence as a World Power

(Spanish-American War; Pulitzer; Hearst, etc.)

Foreword: Geneva Overholser


The Rise of American Magazine:

Cyrus Curtis and and the Emergence of the National Market

(the commercial model; Ladies Home Journal; Saturday Evening Post; Good Housekeeping)

Foreword: T.J. Jackson Lears


Journalism in the Age of the Machine:

The Role of Technological Transformation

(1840s: steam, railroads, canals, presses; 1880s: transatlantic cable, typewriter, telephone, offset, halftone, RFD)

Foreword: Leo Marx


*The Technology  of Journalism:

Cultural Agents, Cultural Icons

(historical antecedents; early printers; offset presses; electrification; press as symbol; desktop revolution; digital reproduction; the future of print)

Foreword: Neil Chase


*The Frontier Press:

Westward Destiny

(the 49ers and the Alta California; Twain; post-Civil War; Indian Wars)

Foreword: Alan Simpson


The Civil War and the Press:

Rights in Conflict

(Harper's Weekly ; telegraph; Stanton & the inverted pyramid; censorship; Copperheads)

Foreword: David Herbert Donald


*The African-American Newspaper:

Voices of Freedom

 (Douglass; Carver; DuBois)

Foreword: Clarence Page


*Abolition and the Press:

Slavery's Moral Struggle

(William Lloyd Garrison; The Emancipator; Southern resistance)

Foreword: Andrew Young


America's Continental Destiny and the Press:

Defining a New Nationhood

(Bennett; Greeley; Raymond)

Foreword: Harry Maihafer


*The Southern Press:

Literary Legacies and the Challenge of Modernity

(Poe; The Southern Literary Messenger; fiction)

Foreword: Rick Bragg


*The Native American Press:

Voices of Emerging Nations

(oral traditions, Sequoyah; Boudinott; Cherokee Phoenix; also post-Civil War)

Foreword: Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Russell Means


The Penny Press:

The Triumph of the Common Man

(urbanization; Jacksonian democracy; immigration)

Foreword: Robert Remini


*The American Revolution and the Press:

The Promise of Independence

(the primacy of rights; Franklin; Tom Paine; Isaiah Thomas; Press and government)

Foreword: Bernard Bailyn


*The Colonial Press:

Shaping an American Identity

(adapting to the New World; the Puritan rationale for "Occurrences"; inventing local news)

Foreword: Simon Schama


*The Idea of a Free Press:

The Enlightenment and its Unruly Legacy

(Milton, Areopagitica; Addison and Steele, The Spectator; creation of the public sphere; conflict with religion)

Foreword: Daniel Schorr